Strategy is curiosity

I regularly read about all sorts of things. Ok, my professional area is based on marketing and digital communications, but I think it’s wrong to just focus on those areas if you truly want to make work that matters.

Creative and strategic work demands curiosity, otherwise you’ll just end up thinking like everyone else and your solutions will just suck. It also demands a little craziness, but that’s a whole other topic.

My case: I work in a digital agency, but I love art (both curating it and writing about it) and am currently learning some basic coding skills.

What about you?

Here’s a little challenge: demand yourself to learn something new every day. If not for your job, at least for yourself.

  1. I love hearing about creative people doing a ‘day job’ but still growing creatively.

    It’s so important to keep that part of us alive and growing.

    To answer your question, I am an actor/performer who currently works as a corporate sales trainer. I find I’ve got to keep my creative-kid-side alive with projects at work that fuel who I really am.

    • That’s great to hear, Andrew. And thanks for your comment! I think it’s crucial to keep a nice work-personal life balance, as well as creative development. If only more people followed that phylosophy… I’m sure we’d all have much better conversations in a global way.

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