… is knowing how to teach and trust your team.

We need thinkers and doers, but we also need effective delegators, mentors and leaders.


John D. Cook said it well in a 2009 blog post:

Programmers are most effective when they avoid writing code.

It’s a great take on programmers’ productivity needs (and realities), the need to simplify a certain problem and how good code is actually reusable for solving future problems.

More often than not, the best solutions are the simple ones, and good doses of reflection and insight are crucial for any problem solver. This is not exclusive for coders, and it’s not an easy task at all.

But then again, if it were, we’d all get a nifty raise in no time.

… is greatly underrated.

As is the ability for people to actually focus on some task at hand.

We complain about social media notification stress, and endless streams of information keeping us from actually accomplishing something. But it’s us, people, who drive those streams, so I’d say we’re actually all part of the problem (and therefore the solution). Both on and offline.

“It’s just a minute” is a lie. So stop saying it.